Ice Cream for Breakfast: If You Follow All the Rules, You Miss Half the Fun

por Levine, Leslie

Remember when you were a kid and your life was governed by rule after rule. Clean your room. Eat your vegetables. Do your homework. Remember how good it felt to assert your independence and rebel against those rules. It feels even better as an adult. Breaking only one rule a week can make your whole life just a little more exciting.

In Ice Cream for Breakfast, Leslie Levine shows you fifty-two ways to bust out of the humdrum routines of daily life, latch onto a new perspective, and remember how to enjoy yourself again. Each wise, funny, and insightful chapter helps you get the most out of such pleasures as staying up past your bedtime, calling in sick, and acting like a kid again-and getting away with it.

Rules were made to be broken, so give yourself a break. Play in the dirt. Talk to strangers. Spend too much money on something you don't need. You can even make up new rules as you go along. Both light-hearted and reassuring, Ice Cream for Breakfast is the ideal guide to indulging yourself and doing the unexpected.

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