Lipstick Jungle

por Bushnell, Candace

"Line up the watermelon cosmos and get ready to be consumed by the swank, successful, and super-spunky 40-something protagonists of Candace Bushnell's lip-smacking new novel."--New York Post"Bushnell proves she's still the philosopher-queen of a social scene."--New York Times Book Review"A seductive, humorous tale about strong, powerful women."--OK! Magazine,It's a jungle out there. Dress accordingly.In her fourth book, Candace Bushnell brings readers close to three powerful New York City women, each at the top of her field, each navigating her way through work, relationships, success, and scandal.Nico O'Neilly is the ultimate executive-glamorous and always in control-until her marriage loses steam, and she is tempted to find refuge in the arms of a younger man. Wendy Healy, president of Parador Pictures and mother of three children, may not be able to save her most important production-her family. And Victory Ford, a wildly successful fashion designer and girlfriend of a billionaire, begins to question love and money-why shouldn't a woman be as rich as a man

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