Earth is Room Enough

por Asimov, Isaac

Anything can happen and probably will right here on earth. You don't have to rent a spaceship or sign up for a singles cruise to Saturn or spend your weekends star-hopping along the Milky Way because ... Earth Is Room Enough. Earth is where the action is and each tomorrow unleashes new discoveries. Here are brilliant, witty, frightening, and fascinating stories of the future by the greatest science fiction master of them all. Just hitch your mind to these weird and wonderful tales for a spin around the world of tomorrow that will take you right to the center of your wildest dreams. Contains: The Dead Past, The Foundation of S.F. Success, Franchise, Gimmicks Three, Kid Stuff, The Water Place, Living Space, The Message, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Hell-Fire, The Last Trump, The Fun They Had, Jokester, The Immortal Bard, Someday, The Author's Ordeal, Dreaming Is A Private Thing.

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